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Crunch Photo is a Minneapolis based food, product and lifestyle company co-owned by Scott Nelson and Brittney LaFond. 


Scott Nelson


I’ve been a Minnesota native almost my whole life if you don’t count the bits moving around in a Military family. Minnesota has and always will be home to me. I know it’s in’s and out’s and I have photographed and filmed it all from short films in the Niagara Caves in Harmony, MN to feature films at Nelson’s Resort (no relation) in Crane Lake, MN. Enough about Minnesota though, this is about me. I like contrast, in all definitions of the word. I love contrast in photos, contrast in people, and contrast in breakfast choices, like ice cream and potato chips.

Brittney LaFond


I have also lived in Minnesota my entire life, if you ask me what my favorite place is I would say it's Duluth close to Lake Superior. I became interested in photography when I made a pinhole camera from a Pringles can in a high school physics class. Some of my fears include old growing potatoes and spiders. Also, beer is good. 


“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” -Dorothea Lange

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